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Advancing Market Research and Segmentation Analysis Through the Applied Study of Human Behaviour

The PMG Difference

Who We Are

PMG is a highly experienced market research and intelligence agency with advanced skillsets in mathematics, psychology, sociology, business, and economics. We are dedicated to advancing our industry through the development of next-level data capture and data analysis methodologies.

25 Years’ Experience Partnering with Organizations in Our Community, Country and Across North America

“The pathway to informed decision-making through market research is by first establishing models that can inform what the data is actually saying.”

Changing How the Industry Thinks About Market Research Data

Every company has something they are very good at – ours is data analysis. Over the past decade, to advance our interpretation of market research insights, we have developed models that help to better understand consumer and business decision-making. We call this Psychological Personality Profiling (P3).

Depth of Service Offering

The insights we deliver our clients are built on our capabilities in quantitative and qualitative research, advanced data analysis, UX evaluation, and behavioral modelling.

The Path to Engagement Framework

To maximize the insights produced by our analytics models, we first wanted to understand how consumers and business professionals work through the decision-making process. Our Path to Engagement framework dissects the human learning process and pinpoints where product, brand, and proposition reside in the adoption cycle.

Introducing a Next Generation Online Survey Tool

Our technology branch of the organization is excited to be bringing a new suite of digital research platforms to the market. With this, we are pleased to introduce Research-Go to the online survey arena. Its intuitive UX and powerful feature profile is helping organizations get more out of their online research.
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Making Access to Customer Insights Easier

The market research sector is one of the fastest evolving industries in North America. The internet and new technologies have impacted how organizations embrace and use data. We are bringing this one step further through new panel management solutions that bring our clients closer to their customers.
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Enhancing Market Segmentation Analysis

We are changing how the market thinks about segmentation. Consumer and B-to-B market environments are comprised of homogenous consumer and customer groups. Identifying these groups, and understanding how they interact and respond to brand, marketing, product, and messaging can drive sales growth, increase retention rates, and maximize ROI.
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Increase the Value of Your Data Analysis Through Benchmarking Insights

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Since our inception we have immersed ourselves into our clients’ businesses and markets.  In this journey, we have built a significant knowledge base of many Canadian industry sectors, which has – over the past two decades – inspired the development of syndicated projects that are available for subscription.

eSight Solutions

Get more out of your in-house research

eSight Solutions was designed for organizations that perform market research studies using self-administered online research tools but are interested in getting more out of the process.  It is a cost-effective, service-oriented solution that increases survey participation, offers relevant benchmarking, increases operational efficiencies, and delivers more in-depth insight.

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