Leveraging decades of financial market research and data science experience, PMG MarketMine delivers in-depth, on-demand access to subscriber-exclusive insights into Canadian consumers’ financial behaviour.

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How does MarketMine help your financial institution?

Optimize your marketing and communications

Identify the content that resonates with your target audiences, so you can create compelling campaigns and offers that truly engage consumers.

Design high-ROI services, products, and technologies

Effectively allocate resources towards product and service developments that deliver the greatest impact and return with key consumer segments, like women, small business owners, Millennials and Gen Z.

Deliver superior customer experiences

Deeply understand your members’ needs and challenges to ensure you can capitalize on opportunities to provide the advice and support that builds trust and enables business growth as you deepen your relationship with them.

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In-depth reports 

Access to 8 in-depth studies into key topics of interest.

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Timely resources

Articles and white papers on the latest consumer influences and trends. 

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Ask a data scientist

On demand access to PMG Intelligence’s data science team for custom analysis and support. 

Access to critical insights on key issues

In addition to in-depth studies and data available to subscriber partners, MarketMine delivers on going analysis on topics that are in focus for many financial institutions. Topics for 2022 and 2023 include but are not limited to the following:

  • COVID behavioural impact modeling
  • Digital transformation and robo-advice
  • Retirement and retirement income planning
  • Financial services and retail infrastructure
  • Client retention and growing share of wallet
  • Financial planning: a shifting consumer mindset

And more…

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MarketMine Primary Studies for 2022 & 2023

Value of Advice

Value of Advice & Financial Planning

An in-depth study that clearly defines the types of advice, products, and digital propositions that drive and increase the probability of healthy financial outcomes – while considering Canadians’ life stage roadblocks. As a result, this study provides a roadmap to support advice delivery strategy.

Market Volatility

Market Volatility Impact & Inflation

An updated market volatility study that examines consumer risk tolerance, asset strategy, and perceptions of the current market as it relates to both equities and real estate. Additionally, an examination will focus on the impacts of higher inflation on savings and investment decisions, financial planning, and other topics.

Small Business Owners & Self-Employed Professionals Image

Small Business Owners & Self-Employed Professionals

This expanded study includes insights into this group’s customer journey, including the key trigger/pivot points for SBO/SEP consumers to take action with their finances? It also provides segmentation modeling to build upon our previous understanding of this market and identify key opportunities for providers.

Women & Investing

Women & Investing

Women’s influence on the household balance sheet continues to grow. This updated study covers key topics that support strategy development for this market. Our study has been expanded to deliver a comprehensive behavioural segmentation and economic modeling analysis across important topic areas that connect closely to marketing, product and distribution strategy development for the female market.

Millennials & Gen Z (<40 market)

This study examines the 18-40 market including their needs and engagement with advice, their attitudes and behaviours toward key financial areas and financial partnerships, and more.

The areas studied include:

  • Their needs and engagement with advice.
  • Their attitudes and behaviours toward investing, debt, digital, fintech and robo-advice platforms.
  • The impact of brand, values, and digital on provider selection and drivers to switching.
  • How they value advisory relationships.
  • The role of insurance in their finances.

Impact investing & ESG Initiatives

New for 2023, an in-depth study of impact investing and the role of ESG initiatives in financial relationships. This includes the impact ESG has on provider, advisor, and product selection. It also includes a profile of those most appealed by the proposition, as well as the identification of top ESG issues, brands, the impact on employment/attracting and retaining talent, and where consumers are seeking out information on brands’ ESG practices.

Life Insurance

Canadians & Life Insurance

In 2023, this updated study will include insights into the opportunity for advisors and insurance firms to further grow the market. As we emerge from the pandemic, we expect to see changes – particularly in the dynamic role that life insurance plays in the financial planning process.

Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

Reconciling more than one trillion dollars changing hands over the next decade. This research provides insights into the recipients of wealth and the impact it will have on their behaviours in terms of planning, advice, and relationship/channel selection.

PMG 360 Predictive Analytics

Segment each one of your customers to deeply understand their needs, behaviours and motivators.

Customer engagement studies

Uncover what drives customer satisfaction, loyalty, and likelihood to refer / recommend.

Custom research

Gather tangible, actionable insights into a topic of your choice with our tailored research packages.

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