Leveraging decades of financial market research and data science experience, PMG MarketMine delivers in-depth, on-demand access to subscriber-exclusive insights into Canadian consumers’ financial behaviour.

Deep consumer data



How does MarketMine help your financial institution?

In-depth reports 

Access to 8 in-depth studies into key topics of interest.

Timely resources

Articles and white papers on the latest consumer influences and trends. 

Ask a data scientist

On demand access to PMG Intelligence’s data science team for custom analysis and support. 

Access to critical insights on key issues

In addition to in-depth studies and data available to subscriber partners, MarketMine delivers on going analysis on topics that are in focus for many financial institutions. Topics for 2022 and 2023 include but are not limited to the following:

  • COVID behavioural impact modeling
  • Digital transformation and robo-advice
  • Retirement and retirement income planning
  • Financial services and retail infrastructure
  • Client retention and growing share of wallet
  • Financial planning: a shifting consumer mindset

And more…

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MarketMine Primary Studies for 2022 & 2023

PMG 360 Predictive Analytics

Segment each one of your customers to deeply understand their needs, behaviours and motivators.

Customer engagement studies

Uncover what drives customer satisfaction, loyalty, and likelihood to refer / recommend.

Custom research

Gather tangible, actionable insights into a topic of your choice with our tailored research packages.

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