The PMG Difference

To be competitive in any business today, providing exceptional project management and service is simply an expectation. Our difference resides in data science and behavioural modelling – it is in this regard that we are outstanding, and it is the cornerstone of our consultancy.

Beyond traditional quantitative and qualitative research, our firm has been innovating to provide our clients an edge in understanding and solving their biggest business challenges and opportunities. These applied analysis models provide deeper insights into what the data is saying and to what your customers and the market are thinking. More specifically, it is our ability to predict human behaviour through our frameworks that have been deployed in both B-to-C and B-to-B research applications that sets us apart.

How did we create this framework?

It wasn’t easy and it was formed over a 25-year journey. Through our experience analyzing data to solve many very difficult business and operational challenges for our clients, we have built an aggregated data warehouse, that we affectionately call Delphi. Using this data cube, we engineer models to get at the root cause to understand why customers do what they do, and why they respond a certain way.

To support us in this journey, in 2013 we developed our own version of Myers-Briggs personality and decision-making profiling at an industry level to help predict behavioural outcomes so that we can map the specific factors that make different segments of the population different. Today, this capability is being applied in a multitude of industry portfolios including, but not limited to financial services, health science, pharmaceuticals, risk management, public service, technology, service, and the non-profit sector.

Data Science and Analysis
Behavioural Segmentation
Predictive Modelling
Client Experience Composite Analysis
Feasibility and Market Sizing Analysis
User Experience Testing and Recruiting
Recruiting and Panel Management

Data Science and Analysis

We advance the understanding of consumer decision-making through predictive models and next-generation data capture applications. This includes the application of proprietary data aggregation processes to build behavioural segmentation frameworks that provide detailed mapping for the most specific consumer and business market segments.

Our process intersects human psychology, risk management, and personality traits with behavioural variables across life stages and demographic categories. Today, we are activating these models, classifying customer databases and integrating them with customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to create extraordinary customer experiences.

Behavioural Segmentation

‘Segmentation’ is an overused word in research and generally refers to a simple crosstab that compares data by geography, gender, or other demographic variables. In our view, segmentation is the process of identifying unique, homogenous groups connected by specific behavioural and attitudinal markers. We view segmentation as a powerful analysis tool that allows us to provide a deeper understanding of various segments within markets and the factors which drive their perceptions and behaviours.

Utilizing a specific multivariate methodology, we identify the number of different pathways that exist in the data by examining response patterns. Using customer segmentation as an example, you may have several different types of customers; our process discerns the number of customer types/segments and then overlays models to determine how to influence these specific groups. The outcomes of the segmentation modelling can then be tested against benchmark references and qualitative research. 

Our team has been employing this framework to create customized segmentation models for many of our clients across numerous industry sectors. Moreover, we have developed industry-specific segmentation applications in financial services, risk management, health science, and technology.

Predictive Modelling

We work in probability and certainty.  Our responsibility as a market research consultancy is to support you in making informed decisions – to take risks when the probability of success is high, and to make the best decisions that are financially sound. Our predictive modelling processes apply historical data to help anticipate the future behaviours of consumers and businesses. 

Our analytical and segmentation models inform the interpretation of data to maximize insights. Those insights are then applied against our data warehouse to develop recommendations. 

In application, we have helped our clients maximize the impact of their marketing and operational expenses by supporting strategy development, messaging design, product development, and digital and usability evaluation. 

Client Experience Composite Analysis (CECA)

Advancing how client experience and loyalty are measured.

With CECA, we have created advanced composite scoring to support the measurement of client experience by incorporating four pillars of engagement with an organization: confidence, satisfaction, championship, and loyalty. These pillars are each measured using 0 to 10 scaling and combined provide a CECA score ranging between 0 to 100 (0 being very low, and 100 being very high).

Unlike NPS, CECA targets more than one aspect of engagement with an organization. This approach helps to alleviate bias from clients who never provide referrals, those who always feel there is room for improvement, and even those who do not hold strong convictions. The benefit of CECA is that it is a better predictor of client retention. If focused on only one aspect of the engagement, such as the likelihood to recommend, an organization may not realize client satisfaction or confidence may be in decline.

Feasibility and Market Sizing Analysis

Market sizing is both a science and an art. Understanding market perceptions is only one aspect of predicting whether the market will adopt a new product or technology, increase their share of a business, or switch brands.We help our clients manage risk by testing assumptions and drilling down into the viability of their businesses through the intersection of primary and secondary research and economic modelling. 

Regardless of whether it’s a new product or a competitive alternative that requires market share penetration, our methodology triangulates the volume of market production (units and dollars) with economic trends and overlays this information against past and predicted behaviours from primary market research. This approach provides our clients with forecasting analyses that accurately predict the size of the opportunity, rate of adoption, and sales cycle impact.

User Experience (UX) Testing and Recruiting

Often the best technologies fail to gain market acceptance or meet market share goals. The competitive landscape in consumer- and business-facing technologies has an impact on the importance of the smallest details in features, usability attributes, and interface mechanics of digital applications. Our skillset in UX testing helps ensure our clients’ technology platforms meet the needs of their users as well as capitalize on the nuances that differentiate our clients from the competition.

The strength of our offering is leveraged through decades of experience in testing mobile applications, website design, and proprietary software solutions. Our technology infrastructure incorporates qualitative and quantitative testing environments where we can bring conceptual models to research samples that reflect our clients’ target markets.

Recruiting and Panel Management

Whether your organization needs to establish a quantitative research panel or requires recruiting support for focus groups or executive interviews, our track record is second to none. We are often retained to recruit hard-to-find consumer segments, advisors, physicians, business leaders, or specific types of technology users, to ensure the project is a success.

Establishing a proprietary research panel can pay huge dividends in cost savings and timeliness in capturing insights from your customers. Custom online research panels are transforming the way companies gather information from their markets and integrate insights into their planning processes. Our team can design a panel management solution that is customized to fit your organization’s specific needs. Moreover, our technology can interact with market panels to provide insights beyond your existing database.


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