Data is one of the most valuable assets in the world today. With this, we have expanded our capabilities to develop predictive analytics and technology solutions that support our clients’ business in an evolving landscape.

Today, understanding all aspects of your customers and what they encounter as they attempt to satisfy their needs is not only critical, it’s table stakes.

With PMG Intelligence you have an opportunity to increase your bottom line and customer lifetime value by leveraging our new behavioural segmentation and predictive analytics solutions.

Predictive analytics is a tool frequently mentioned in business but often incorrectly used. Simply put, predictive analytics uses historical data comprised of complex mathematical and algorithmic modelling in combination with current customer data (e.g., demographics, customer transactions, consumption rates, etc.) to predict future behaviours, needs, and actions.
While it sounds relatively straightforward, if it were, every organization would be leveraging predictive analytics to advance its position in the market and offer extraordinary customer experiences.

PMG Intelligence has the skills and intellectual property to help you leverage predictive analytics to achieve various types of benefits and return on investment (ROI) opportunities such as:

-Identify and understand every customer

-Increase share of wallet with existing customers

-Increase customer retention rates

-Improve customer engagement and experiences

-Optimize performance of marketing campaigns and front-line sales activities

Learn more about how our predictive modelling solutions and artificial intelligence practice can transform your business today.​


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