Picture being able to access insights into the thoughts, needs, and feelings of your customers in real-time

Being the leader in market research is why we exist. Creating innovative technologies that connect companies to their customers and markets is our vision.

We learned early on that you cannot advance the study of human behaviour unless you own your technology platforms. So we innovated.

When PMG entered the market research business three decades ago, the lion’s share of quantitative data was collected by push button telephone, mall intercept surveys, general mail, and fax.  Data analysis was typically univariate where insights confirmed hypothesis rather than informing new strategies.

In innovation, our goal is to advance the understanding of consumer decision-making through predictive models and next generation data capture applications. In this journey, we launched a segmentation examination that formed the foundational footprint in how we analyze data. This foundation was built on better interpretation of human behaviour characteristics, personality, psychology, life stage, and risk management factors. 

Data science

Picture being able to predict customer behaviour and create a 3-dimensional customer journey model… we are already there

Our goal is to advance the understanding of consumer decision-making through predictive models and next generation data capture applications.

This includes using proprietary data aggregation processes to build behavioural segmentation frameworks that provide detailed mapping for the most specific consumer and business market segments. Our process intersects human psychology, risk management, and personality traits with behavioural variables across life stage and demographic categories.

Today, we are activating these models and have the capability to classify customer databases and integrate with MarTech solutions to create the most unique customer experiences.


In technology, we are a bit different. We are not simply a research and data science consultancy but also a software development company. PMG has introduced – and has engineered – next generation online survey platforms, interactive panel management solutions, and KPI dashboards that empower and advance access to data and insights. These solutions provide our clients with technology that is adaptable and offer greater opportunities in terms of integration, cost, and depth of insights.

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