Every organization tries to find an edge, a way to be different from its counterparts. Our deep experience and advanced analytical capabilities will help you turn data into practical and actionable insights.

As a full-service market research consultancy, we offer the spectrum of quantitative and qualitative research services including advanced data science specialities and research technologies.

Over the past couple of years, PMG has been accelerating the evolution of our capabilities and use of data science to bring together behavioural research models with innovative technologies to help firms understand and solve their biggest problems and/or opportunities in today’s world.

Custom Research
Syndicated Research
Client and Employment Engagement
Advisor Advocacy
Predictive Analytics

Custom Research

This is driven by our clients as we work with you to deeply understand your business needs to ensure research insights are tangible and actionable.  We use our expertise in data science to inform instrument design and analysis while also ensuring data is assessed against our proprietary behavioural models and applicable syndicated research to drive meaningful comparators.  Additionally, we employ distinctive proprietary consumer and advisor panels aligned to your business needs. 

Syndicated Research

This is rooted in behavioural models to drive deeper insights into key themes and specific topics important to defined industries and markets. Specifically, we have modelled human behaviour and personalities across a breadth of topics to understand why people do what they do and have built this into the foundation of our design and analysis. Moreover, when you subscribe to our syndicated work, you receive access to PMG’s aggregated data stores that provide additional insights on any inter-relationships outside the scope of a singular study.

Client and Employee Engagement

These studies apply proprietary methodologies and modelling to uncover what drives satisfaction, loyalty, and likelihood to refer/recommend from your clients and/or employees.  These factors, importantly, not only provide a “pulse” but also help to inform engagement, strategy, and business priorities. In addition to understanding the drivers and barriers to business success, our syndicated studies provide additional insights and can be applied as a comparative benchmark to profile and compare, where appropriate.

Advisor Loyalty and Engagement

This form of research uses proprietary methodologies and modelling and leverages over 50 years of combined expertise in financial services to help our clients to deeply understand how to influence the advisor channel.  These insights include, but are not limited to, understanding how advisors select product partners, what and who are key influencers, and what drives loyalty and/or propensity to switch their provider relationships.  Furthermore, many comparators are measurable and trackable against your competition.

Predictive Analytics

In today’s highly competitive landscape, organizations require powerful tools to not only understand their markets but also better predict its needs. Predictive analytics is one such tool and an area of increasing focus for our team. Powerful analytics techniques such as predictive modelling, data mining, and machine learning support our team in making important business predictions for our clients and connects to our mission to advance market research through enhanced data analysis techniques and innovative technologies.


A key development of our focus on innovation and predictive analytics is PMG 360. PMG 360 is an end-to-end predictive analytics application that offers financial institutions the ability to see consumer segmentation and advice factors come to life for front-line, sales, and marketing staff.  Through the connection of transactional data to human behaviour and attitudes, PMG 360 supports financial institutions in their efforts to increase growth and engagement with their customers by offering segmentation insights at an individual client level.

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