New Insights into the Impact of Health Challenges on Workplace Performance

For two decades, PMG has been examining the impact of health and wellness programming, how organizations engage in group benefits and formulary plan design, as well as the impact of high cost drugs on employees, employers, insurers, and benefits advisors. In this time, PMG has been closely examining the impact of various chronic health conditions including cancer, arthritis, COPD, obesity, diabetes, and depression. In the fall of 2017, we expanded this investigation to include migraine. This extensive investigation was executed in Canada and Latin America with a significant focus on examining the work, personal, and social impacts of the disease, as well as the impact from an economic perspective.

In Canada, migraine is one of the most misunderstood neurological diseases and impacts 8 percent of Canadian employees. Like other health conditions, migraine disrupts sufferers physically, mentally, and socially. One of the most notable outcomes from PMG’s 6-month study in Canada was migraine’s impact on “shutting down” the sufferer’s ability to function in both work and home life environments.

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