The market research world is evolving at a fast rate and so are we

Online survey applications and panels for purchase have created the ability to provide faster and more cost-effective access to data.  Over the past several years PMG has invested heavily in advancing these types of technologies and today we are also building next generation analytical tools with the goal of helping our clients become more agile and capture more timely, meaningful insights

We developed Research-Go to provide users with a survey solution that is easy to use for those new to market research but also powerful for advanced users looking for a complex tool to help them achieve sophisticated research needs. Research-Go incorporates many user-centric features such as our unique “drag and drop” question building approach that makes building surveys extremely easy while at the same time reducing keying errors.

Qbord is an interactive online panel management platform that engages panelists to participate in a variety of question- and opinion-based activities. The platform encourages panelist engagement through surveys, advertisement testing, online focus groups, as well as other feedback forums. Panelists earn points through these engagement channels which they can redeem for compensation.

The financial services industry is one of the most competitive markets and is represented by a diverse distribution network.  To help bridge the information gap between financial institutions, financial advisors, and consumers, PMG is excited to be bringing AdvisorLink to the Canadian market.  This robust application provides advisors with standardized research management tools that offer on-going in-depth analysis of how they are performing across a multitude of variables and compared to industry benchmarks.

Select Response was developed to provide a mechanism which allows clients to create their own proprietary engagement research panels. Our panel management platform allows clients to create successful online communities to help them better understand the needs, attitudes, and opinions of their target audience. There are many benefits to using Select Response, including: faster turnaround, an extremely engaged audience, lower per-survey cost, increased response rates, and better sample control.