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There are many companies that do what we do – however, it’s our connection to data, market behavioural analysis, and technology that sets us apart

We connect our clients to their markets and customers through a full range of market research and data analysis service offerings.  Our bench strength is supported by full-service offerings in quantitative and qualitative research, facilitation, UX testing, recruiting, and strategic planning. Anything to do with the analysis of your consumer and market data is our forté.

Quantitative Research

This is where it all began. Our entry point into the market research arena 25 years ago was based on our ability to collect data. Today we offer a wide spectrum of quantitative research services including online and telephone surveying as well as integrated panel management solutions. We are also proud to possess and provide our clients with access to regional, national, and international consumer and business panels spanning a diverse range of consumer and industry segments.

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Qualitative Research

Simply put, we possess outstanding skillsets in qualitative research design, recruiting, moderating, and analysis. Our team has designed and executed hundreds of focus group and in-depth interview projects across consumer, technology, employer, and medical/health practitioner audiences. This experience has played a critical role in how we design research and has contributed significantly to shaping our insights into the understanding of human behaviour and behaviour change.

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Recruiting Services

We can do the heavy lifting for you. Whether your organization needs to establish a quantitative research panel or requires recruiting support for focus groups or executive interviews, our track record is second to none. In addition to managing our clients’ recruiting needs, we are often retained by other research firms to recruit their difficult to find consumer segments, advisors, physicians, business leaders, or specific types of technology users and ensure the project is a success.

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Advanced Data Analysis

In business, we connect math, science, and art and we love solving puzzles. We learned a long time ago that to truly empower how we interpret market research findings, we needed to create models and methodologies that are informed by historical data and benchmarks. After a quarter-century of executing consumer and B-to-B research, we have the data. Regardless of the application; segmentation, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, product/service testing, message or brand positioning, we can help.

Behavioural Analytics

Strategic Planning and Counsel

The key to developing any successful strategy resides in planning structure, operational infrastructure, and accountability.  Although PMG’s drive is to be the leader in market research and data analysis, our involvement most often goes beyond delivering research insights to strategic planning and counsel. Whether the requirement is the development of a strategy, marketing plan, or providing counsel, we are anchored by a team of business veterans with skillsets in statistics, psychology, sociology, finance, and economics.

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Panel Management

Investing in a custom panel or developing a research community can pay huge dividends to an organization, in both cost savings as well as the value of and timeliness of research insights.  Our technology organization is delivering to market powerful cloud-based and CRM-connected panel management solutions.  Whether you are seeking an “out of the box” solution or require a customized application, we can help.

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