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Press release: PMG Intelligence launches PMG 360 Analytics

Waterloo, Ontario – PMG Intelligence, a Canadian data science and research firm, is pleased to announce the launch of PMG 360 Analytics as a part of its predictive analytics services. PMG 360 Analytics is an end-to-end predictive analytics application that offers financial institutions the ability to see consumer segmentation and advice factors come to life for front-line sales, and marketing staff.  Through the connection of transactional data to human behaviour and attitudes, PMG 360 Analytics supports financial institutions in their efforts to increase growth and engagement with their customers by offering segmentation insights at an individual client level.

“The value is in our ability to predict consumer behaviours, primary advice needs, and how to approach these individuals to improve their financial picture and, in turn, your business results,” said Emile McLean, Vice President, Innovation at PMG Intelligence. “PMG 360 Analytics is different because it is fueled by nearly 15 years of proprietary aggregated qualitative and quantitative consumer data and analysis conducted by PMG Intelligence, including a view of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on financial consumers.”

For nearly 30 years, PMG Intelligence has built a reputation for delivering deeper insights to Canada’s financial services and insurance industry. For PMG Intelligence, PMG 360 Analytics represents an important milestone in their mission to advance market research through enhanced data analysis techniques and innovative technologies. “Predictive analytics is becoming a core focus of our business and PMG 360 Analytics represents an exciting opportunity for our clients, especially our financial services partners, to receive the advantage of these types of insights on a day-to-day basis,” said Tierney Mimeault, Vice President, Research and Analysis at PMG Intelligence. 

In a highly competitive marketplace such as financial services, financial institutions require powerful tools to not only understand their customer but also better predict customer needs. In a market where face time with customers can be at a premium, maximizing every engagement has become increasingly important. 

Though PMG Intelligence has a special focus and expertise in financial services, the development of PMG 360 Analytics leveraged industry innovators to ensure the insights generated were meaningful not only in the boardroom but for daily business. PenFinancial Credit Union in Niagara Region was one of a few important partners in the development of PMG 360 Analytics. 

“Through our collaboration with PMG Intelligence, PenFinancial has been able to identify opportunities to improve the experience we provide to our members,” said Jason McSpadden, Chief Technology & Security Officer at PenFinancial Credit Union.  “One of the reasons our members come to PenFinancial is for the personalized service we provide. By truly understanding what is most important to our members, backed by data and insights, we can focus on providing services, experiences and advice tailored to our member’s unique financial situation.”

While the integrated predictive analytics and segmentation capabilities continue to evolve with further innovation of the platform, key features today include:

●   Life stage segmentation – designed specifically for financial institutions, to be applied to an existing consumer base without the need for additional surveying

●   Trajectory analysis – to provide an overview of customer propensity to move toward another segment
Share of investable assets – to understand the opportunity that is available with each customer

●   Retention and propensity scoring – to prioritize relationship management to those most at risk and trigger opportunities with those who exhibit the highest rate of adoption

●   Capability to integrate within an existing CRM environment – to accelerate adoption and action from advisors and other front-line staff

Additionally, PMG 360 Analytics provides financial institutions and their front-line staff insights into:

●   Product ownership profiling
●   Next best actions
●   Recommendations for discussion topics 
●   Value of Advice Factors providing a statistically quantified set of advice that, when applied, can increase a consumer’s financial success and loyalty

Financial institutions seeking innovative ways to drive improved customer experience and utilize predictive analytics are urged to contact PMG Intelligence to learn more about PMG 360 Analytics.

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